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Places you will visit

  • Glinado
  • Vivlos (Tripodes)
  • Mikri Vigla
  • Kastraki
  • Glyfada
  • Alyko
  • Pyrgaki
  • Agiassos

Naxos Map - Agiassos, Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Mikri Vigla via Glinado

Agiassos via Glinado & Kastraki

Approaching Glinado (6Km from Naxos Town) is the 17th century Monastery of Agioi Saranta possessing some fine post-Byzantine icons. A few Kilometers on is the nice Agios Arsenios (8Km from Naxos Town) village, an extensively cultivated land.

Prior to the village of Vivlos (or Tripodes) there are sign posts to the right towards Plaka Beach (Plaka beach can be easily accessed via Agia Anna). In Vivlos, "Lagogiannis bakery - patisserie" has excellent sweets, well known to the island. After Vivlos and on the way to Kastraki there is a signpost to the right to Mikri Vigla.

Detour - to Mikri Vigla (19Km - from Naxos Town). A 4 Km road leads to a "T" junction. The right direction (to the north) leads to a beautiful beach (also called Parthena - first picture on the right) exposed to the North winds -in other words, ideal for wind surfing. Mikri Vigla is the natural continuation of Plaka and Orkos. The left road leads to the beginning (Mikri Vigla or Sahara, second picture on the right) of a magnificent, huge, coarse sand sea shore that sweeps all the way past Kastraki as far Alyko. This fine white sand beach is fantastic, well protected from the north winds and for those who wish to spend their lunch time here, there is a taverna.

Back to the main road route, there is a signpost to Alyko and Kastraki (18Km) from Naxos Town. On the main road in Kastraki area, there is a signpost (maybe difficult to be noticed) to Glyfada beach (third picture on the right). It is a no-paved narrow road, but the beach is fabulous on non-windy days. Otherwise it is perfect for wind surfing.

Back on the main road, there is a "Y" junction. The right direction leads to Alyko (wide picture on top of the entire site) and the left direction leads to Pyrgaki. If you decide to visit Alyko, follow the right direction on the "Y" junction and after some metres turn to the left (no-paved road, redish soil) Alyko has an excellent beach with fine sand and there is a picturesque chapel (Saint George) at the end of the shore.

Pyrgaki (20 Km from Naxos Town) has nice beaches (the third cove is the best) and on the left of the road there is a sign post to Agiassos Bay (fourth picture on the right). The track Pyrgaki to Agiassos (5 Km) is rough at some points but the bay is nice made up of golden sand and shallow waters. There is a couple of taverns in Agiassos.

The return can be done via Sagri area, maninland Naxos.

Superior Beaches at Naxos West Coast

Mikri Vigla
Glyfada beach (Kastraki area)
1. Mikri Vigla (Parthena), 2. Mikri Vigla (Sahara)
3. Glyfada, 4. Agiassos

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